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ThirtyTwenty is a technology based service provider in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Choose from one of our divisions below.

ThirtyTwenty Web Hosting, our longest running subsidiary, has been providing custom low-cost web hosting and domain solutions for customers for over ten years.  The scope of our skill set has only improved over time and ThirtyTwenty can address almost any web development need that you have. We've got you covered and are always up to date with the latest technological advancements. Visit our hosting store at http://www.thirtytwenty.com/clients or contact us about your business needs and we can discuss a strategy together.
Spout Communications, founded in 2012, is a leader in Voice over IP communications services in Canada. We offer superior quality telecom services geared towards small and medium sized businesses, as well as resellers and specialty telecom companies.  We excel in demonstrating enterprise level quality and service at budget conscious rates.  We offer the largest coverage area in Canada for incoming telephone numbers, vanity toll free numbers, hosted PBX and call center applications, teleconferencing, international telepresence options, SMS gateway services, fax and voicemail to email services, and dedicated channel / burstable channel inbound and outbound SIP trunking at competitive rates.  Recently, Spout Communications has begun offering high speed business-grade ADSL and coax internet nationwide using our network of independent telecom partners. Visit Spout online at http://www.spout.ca
InstaGarm is a short-run, custom marketing and apparel materials printing service. What does this mean? We make t-shirts. We make stickers. We make labels. We make window decals. We do banners. We do hoodies. We do mugs and hats. We will get your company or event group's message and brand out quickly, clearly, and beautifully.  Our cutting edge modern printing processes give us extreme cost effectiveness and fast turn-around times which we leverage on behalf of our customers to deliver an outstanding promotional product on time, every time. Check us out at http://www.instagarm.ca
Sometimes Music is the newest venture for ThirtyTwenty. Sometimes Music is an independent record label and distribution service for western Canadian musicians operating outside of traditional revenue models. We specialize in custom vinyl records and envelope pushing independent Western Canadian music. Check us out and see our release catalog at http://www.sometimesmusic.com